An analysis of the different side of romeo and juliet in the eyes of directors franco zefferelli and

Romeo and juliet: the classic love story but one has to explore what types of love this refers to romantic love is the most obvious indeed this love is communicated between the two main characters throughout the majority of the play. Romeo and juliet has been one of the most popular story in history for over 400 years, written by william shakespeare the greatest writer in the english languagein both poem and play one of the most famous scene in this story is the balcony scenein the 20th century,two directors created their own versions or interpretations of not only the play but this scene in particularin 1968, franco. Gertrude (played by glen close in the zeffirelli movie and by julie christie in the branagh movie), is at two ends of a long scale in the different movies this time it is zeffirelli who makes this character out to be much more than she is in the play and glen close plays up the role to a cringe worthy degree.

Romeo and juliet movie analysis: ela core: using your knowledge of shakespeare's text, comment on the different interpretations of romeo and juliet provided to viewers by franco zeffirelli (1968), baz luhrmann (1996) and jerome robbins ( west side story . The two films of romeo and juliet, by baz luhrmann and franco zeffirelli, are both alike in one way, then completely different in the other although they are both different versions of shakespeare’s romeo and juliet, many of the scenes are interpreted differently. Romeo and juliet has been performed countless times by world-renowned theater companies and remains an audience favorite it's also one of the most adapted plays of all time—franco zeffirelli made it into an oscar winning film in 1968 and the play was also adapted into a tony award winning musical, west side story (1957. Franco zeffirelli's version of romeo & juliet is an incredible film with its faithful rendition of the original story, with realistic and impressive visuals, scenery, and costumes and great acting.

Romeo and juliet act 1, scene 5 analysis born in florence, 12th feburary 1923 zeferelli's version setting was realistic to the elizabethan era his version of romeo and juliet won academy awards for best cinematography, and best costume design it also got nominated for best director, and best picture. The accuracy of these different versions varies, but the strongest and most correct interpretation is the 1968 film version of romeo and juliet, directed by franco zeffirelli. The films chosen offer a variety of experiences, from a traditional enactment, franco zeffirelli's romeo and juliet, to a setting in the hood, baz luhrman's romeo and juliet i have also included the film, west side story, as a way of appealing to the hispanic population in my classes. Both zefferelli and luhrmann directed their versions of romeo and juliet at people aged around fifteen to thirty at the time of release there is an immense difference though because when zefferelli released his version it was about twenty or thirty years before luhrmann released his.

Both directors use dance and song for the first meeting zeffirelli uses a traditional italian dance, the moresca, which fits with his period style drama and would have been similar to the dances used on stage in the 1590s, when romeo and juliet was originally performed. In franco zeffirelli's romeo and juliet, are the words delivered by the characters faithful to 1 educator answer how does mercutio in shakespeare's romeo and juliet compare with mercutio in. Franco zefferelli's spectacular cinematic version of romeo and juliet eclipses all others don't even bother with leonardo dicaprio or any of the other renditions that pale by comparison this is the real romeo and juliet as shakespeare himself, lived he in our era,would have orchestrated its filming.

There are currently two film interpretations of “romeo and juliet”, one made in 1968 which was directed by franco zeffirelli and another in 1996 directed by baz luhrmann the death scene in both films was similar to the original text. West side story - america (1080p hd romeo and juliet - balcony scene - duration: 8:34 matt toronto 14,326 views 8:34 the lips and kiss and sin scene from franco zeffirelli's romeo and. Romeo and juliet by william shakespeare and zeffirelli's interpretation of this play are two different version of this classical tragic story of two young lovers when reading the play by shakespeare and seeing zeffirelli's movie we can observe various differences between them.

Romeo and juliet: comparison of the 1968 movie, the 1996 movie, and shakespeare's original text romeo and juliet has been a popular story for over 400 years, either by the play written by shakespeare, or a poem written earlier than that. Having watched two different film adaptations of 'romeo and juliet', it is clear to see that the two directors have used a number of different techniques, quite differently at times, to put across their particular interpretations of the play. But as cirillo’s article “the art of franco zeffirelli and shakespeare's romeo and juliet” (in: triquarterly, 1969: page 69-70) rightly asserts, it is often a “failure on the critic’s part to realize the different demands of the different mediums” [ sic] and, what is “a virtue in one medium is not necessarily a virtue in the.

Analysis and comparison of the presentation of the prologue in film version of 'romeo and juliet', one by franco zefirelli, the other by baz luhrmann the prologue is the introduction, which gives an overview of the play. In franco zeffirelli’s 1968 version of romeo and juliet, is a traditional adaptation of shakespeare’s original romeo and juliet, with some variations baz luhrmann directed the 1996 version, also known as the mtv romeo † juliet. A scene comparison: romeo + juliet act1 scene1 the scene i have selected for comparison is the opening to act 1 in shakespeare`s romeo & juliet play, which includes: the prologue and act 1 scene 1 up to line 90 in the text. That's what i gleaned from the just-released film version of romeo and juliet, directed by carlo carlei with a screenplay by julian fellowes adapted from william shakespeare's text romeo, montague's only son, is a sculptor and painter in fair verona, and he is even able to set up a nice studio in the few hours he's living in mantua.

An analysis of the different side of romeo and juliet in the eyes of directors franco zefferelli and
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